We can supply from our stores wheel bearings, wheel oil seals and steering head bearings. These are all available for most makes and types of bike. If you can supply the dimensions of the wheel bearing, we can work out the bearing number that you require.

During tyre changes is a great opportunity to check and maintain your bearings. With the bike safely supported on a motorcycle jack or center stand, turn the wheel by hand and attempt to get the wheel to move side to side, to feel for any slack or play in the bearings. If you can feel looseness, the wheel bearings need further inspection.

When the wheel is off, push a finger in the hole where the axle goes and try to turn the bearing. If the bearing sticks as you turn it, or feels rough, it’s faulty. Also look for any metal dust or rust around the bearings. If any of these problems are found, replace the bearings as a set. With the wheel off, stick a finger into the center hole of the bearing and feel how it turns by hand. It should be smooth and not feel loose or stick anywhere.

Motorcycle wheel bearings. From stock we can supply the correct bearings for the majority of Japanese motorcycles
If your Motorcycle feels dangerous to ride it may be worth while checking the steering head bearings